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Pollyanna had just lost her father when she went to live with her Aunt Polly at Beldingsville, but she had learnt from him before his death how to find something to be glad about even in the face of the greatest sorrows.  This was the “glad” game – the game […]

Second Impression of an Enid Blyton classic. Author:  Enid Blyton Illustrations: Pat Harrison Pages:  92 Hardcover – Missing Dust Jacket Printed:  1953 – Second Impression – Great Britain by Purnell & Sons, Ltd Condition:  Neat inscription on page 1.  Spine and covers are strong.  Age spots and slight discolouration of front […]

Classic storybook … Robinson Crusoe –  Retold for Little Folk … Author:  Edith Robarts Illustrated:  John Hassall – 8 Full Colour Plates + numerous black & white illustrations through out Pages: 80 Hard Cover – Colour – no dust jacket Printed:  Great Britain – Blackie & Son Limited – Glasgow – […]

This is the fifth story in the Fighting Four series. “A message from a British officer, it must go all costs”, gasped the dying man.  And with these last words the brave partisan fell back.  The scene … Yugoslavia under German occupation.  The vital message … the imminent landing […]

During World War II, a team of British Commandos are assigned to “Operation Lightning”, their objective to blow up a huge hydro-electric power station in the heart of enemy-occupied Norway. Author:  A R Channel Pages: 188 Hard Cover – Blue Linen w. Silver Embossed Images – Removable, Coloured Dust Jacket Printed: […]

A classic collection of stories for children from well known authors of the time … Author:  Various Pages: 124 Hard Cover – Colour Printed:  Great Britain – Dean & Son Ltd, London – c1960’s (undated) Condition:  Neat inscription on inside cover – small – one corner.  Spine is strong, however the outer cover […]

Vintage edition of an Enid Blyton classic … Author: Enid Blyton Pages: 124 Soft Cover Printed:  1986 in London Condition:  No writing or marking inside.  Spine and pages are tidy and clean.  Slight damage to soft cover … gentle creases and slight yellowing to pages.  No rips or missing pages. […]

First edition – 1974 … Author: P. Catherine Coles Pages: 71 Hardcover with identical dust cover Printed:  1974 in Great Britain – First Edition Condition:  ‘Presented to’ label from Sunday School teacher with date on inside cover.  Outer spine and pages are tidy and clean.  No rips or missing pages.  PLEASE […]

1963 issue of a classic – Heidi … Author:  Johanna Spyri Pages: 304 Hardcover – The Companion Library of Classics Printed:  1963 in the United States of America Condition:  Name, best wishes and the date are hand written on the inside cover.  Outer spine and pages are tidy and clean. No […]

Come in Spinner is an Australian novel, set in Sydney, Australia at the end of the second World War.  Won the 1948 Daily Telegraph novel competition and was first published in an abridged edition in 1951, as the subject matter – including rape, abortion and prostitution – was considered too […]

Waltzing Matilda … a Background to Australia Author:  Arnold L Haskell Pages: 260 Hardcover – Missing Dust Cover Printed:  1943 in Melbourne – Readers Union, by arrangement with Adam & Charles Black after all copies were lost at sea and to save further delay and possible loss. Condition:  No visible writing […]