She’s Not So Little Anymore

My little girl is ‘not so little anymore’.  In fact, I now have two (2) teenagers.  How did that happen?

I remember the day this photo was taken.  Sofia was dressed in the cutest dress that, once upon a time, was worn by my sister at the same age.  Always the sweetest, most even tempered baby, it was a snap to take her photo.  I, on the other hand, hate having my photo taken so I was more surprised then anyone when this one turned out so well.  What can I say … she clearly brings out the best in her Mama!

As you can see, Sofia is now thirteen and despite being a turbulent toddler (read: little devil), she has grown into a clever, musical, generous, beautiful soul.  As a result, our ‘not so little’ girl needed a room renovation to suit.  Enter: boho glam with a side of sass!

Planning began back in October 2017 with a new colour scheme and style chosen to match her years and more mature attitude.  A list of ‘must haves’ was then created and the all important sourcing began.  A fabulous study nook was top of the list, as were new shelves of some description to contain her ever increasing collection of novels.  My girl is a reader and just like her Mum, she does adore the feel and smell of a real book.  Kindle and eBooks aren’t for us.  They are convenient – yes! But nothing beats those fabulous characters, locations and adventures all contained within crisp, white pages, or better still … old, torn, creased and weathered pages battered by age and loved by the multitude of readers before us.

Alongside the list of must haves were the have nots.  Gone are the little girl curtains with tiny pink polka dots, the pink patchwork cushions, vintage wall hangings, dress up and dolly clothes … she has outgrown them all!  Blessedly our Sof is still a sentimental gal so room had to be made for her treasured ornaments and the pink muslin curtains that have hung in her room since she was 18 months old were allowed to remain – this time draped over her half tester rods.

Upon returning from our White Christmas abroad, Sof and I immediately began her back to school planning and that meant getting busy, splashing about that fresh new aqua paint … including her bedroom door!

New linen was sourced and given the thumbs up by little Winnie (our precious blind rescue doggie). Lots of snuggly layers were necessary for curling up when deep in the depths of a new book and for keeping out the Winter chills. Fun pieces were a must, such as the pink flamingo bedside lamp (a treasured 13th Birthday gift), handmade cushions and favourite prints.  Even a tiny Aloe plant made the cut.

As the study nook was high on the agenda, it had to be functional, inspirational, comfortable and most of all it had to be an extension of Sof’s personality.  We worked together choosing favourite quotes and pieces that resonated with her. Keeping the space simple and uncluttered while still ensuring that those little things that fill her heart with joy were included.  The last few years at school are important ones and it certainly makes studying less of a chore when your space inspires you.

Sofia is fortunate to also have direct access to the balcony and as such, I wanted to unite the spaces. A stunning, white, pod chair was hung in the alcove outside her door with a vibrant, aqua quilted cushion, layered with a faux fur flokati and a little extra bling by way of a sequinned cushion and gold moroccan ottoman.  A teen haven when whispering with the girls or swinging in the breeze, book in hand.

I know that many spaces are designed to look wonderful when photographed however day to day they look and function very differently.  Ultimately, I feel this impacts on the joy of everyday living and most definitely deters people from thinking they can achieve this.  The images you see on this page are real.  The pillowcases have already been slept on. The study nook has been used exactly as is.  If you remember to keep the joy but discard the unnecessary, you too can have a space in your home that makes your heart sing!

Blessings, Kim & Sofia xo

S O U R C E   G U I D E

 PAINT: Walls – Taubmans Low Sheen – Pacific Coast, Trims – Taubmans Gloss – Pacific Coast

LINEN: Quilt – Cotton House, Fur Throw – Freedom, Faux Fur Flokati – Ikea, Pillowslips – Adairs

SHEERS: Simply Shabby Chic – Exclusive to Target in the US

STUDY: Study Chair & Footstool – Shabby Shac, Table, Stationery Buckets – Ikea

OUTDOORS: Pod Chair – The Outdoor Furniture Specialists, Gold Moroccan Ottoman – eBay

PRINTS:  White Picture Rails & London Print – Ikea, ‘Keep Calm’ – Shabby Shac

LIGHTING: Flamingo Lamp – Kmart,  Floor Lamp – Shabby Shac

FURNITURE:  Vintage Half Tester Bed & Bedside Table – Shabby Shac

FLOOR RUG: Blue & White Houndstooth – House & Garden