Goodbye Little Station House

Saying goodbye to our beautiful Station House back in 2015 was certainly a mixture of sadness and relief.  Our children had grown up there.  We had lost our beloved family dog there.  This house was our home.  We had laughed, struggled, renovated and celebrated so many milestones together as a family.  But, we had also grown up there … all of us!  We needed more space, more room to spread our wings and demanding study and work schedules required less upkeep and more bathrooms!

So it was with happy, excited hearts that we tidied up, packed up and moved on to our beautiful City apartment.  It was time for another family to make their memories, for new happy laughter to resonate inside those beautiful, big rooms … bounce off those stunning, high ceilings and play in the kid friendly yard!

Our darling Station House was believed to have begun it’s life in Roma 100+ years ago.  The home and office of one very lucky Station Master (the original ticket windows remained in situ in what were later to become our daughter’s bedroom and the music room).  The house was moved to the block in South Brisbane, decades ago.  No one is exactly sure when, however, the oldest residents on the street remember it being there when they built over 50 years ago.  Over the years, the house received several extensions.  The first being the addition of the dining room and kitchen.  They may have been a verandah of sorts at some time, as the kitchen still featured the original luggage shelf, ornate ceiling and wide, hoop pine boards.

Next came the sunken lounge.  Unfortunately, this addition was a much more slap dash affair.  Gone were the high, ornate ceilings,  beautiful, wide, poured plaster walls, casement windows and wide floor boards.  The space was thankfully saved by the character of the wide corner step, a pot belly stove and the bank of french doors that opened up the entire space.  The mean little deck was immediately added to our list to replace, quickly followed by a plan to add shutters to the awful aluminium window frames.  This was all put on hold the first Winter when lighting the pot belly filled the house with smoke and I came home to a flooded lounge thanks to the holes in the roof and incorrectly installed flue.  Thanking our dodgy Building Inspectors for that one (see:  From Beautiful to Blue blog post for more details)!

As the years went by, and the children grew, we did a little extending ourselves.  We added a main bedroom to the back of the house, filling in the void created by the dining and lounge rooms.  This allowed our son to move to the front room, opposite his sister, and for us to cut a wide doorway through from the dining room, creating a much awaited music room.

We also added a huge deck that stretched across the back of the house.  This allowed our bedroom and the sunken lounge to open onto the stunning new space.

This is of coarse, a condensed version of all that we did to breathe new life and love into our now, not so little, Station House.  And, I am proud to say that everything was taken on as a family.  We ‘made do’ and didn’t sweat a bit of dust, inconvenience and disarray.  We ate hot chips on the cubbies verandah, smushed in together and snuggled under thick blankets to keep warm that first Winter, demolished the kitchen and had fun doing it, painted walls and each other, had water fights, dug gardens, lugged firewood and created remarkable things in the 8 years we called her Home.

Finally I get to say farewell old girl.  I hope your new owner is treating you well!


Kim + Family xo