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Having a professional on your team can save you time, money and worry.  In fact, engaging the assistance and advice of a Designer should save you money, regardless of your budget.


Getting to know you and what sets your soul on fire is one of my favourite parts of being a Designer.  What makes you uniquely you? Are you creative? A romantic? Do you play an instrument? Are you passionate about sport?  Are you a wanderer? Do you love to travel? Have a holiday destination or memory that makes your heart sing? What makes you smile? Laugh? Drives you wild?  Share your stories with me and let me help you create the home of your dreams.  And should these dreams come with a restrained budget, then all the better.  The tightest budgets create the most innovative spaces.


D E S I G N I N G   y o u r   h o m e   t o   l i v e   ❦   S T Y L I N G   y o u r   s p a c e   t o   s h o o t   ❦

S T A G I N G   y o u r   h o m e   f o r   s a l e


2 hr In-Home Consultation & Initial Discussion – $120