Portobello Road


I have been dwelling on a brave but simple renovation for my pretty Shabby Shac for the longest time.  Inspired by the coloured Victorian terrace houses and stores of Portobello Road in West London, I was yearning to add a splash of colour to the understated beauty of my station house.

Having finally decided that my enthusiasm for this project outweighed my fears of disliking the final result, I was stuck with which colour to choose.  That was until Spring arrived in all its glory and my Jacaranda tree burst into bloom.  I have always loved the tree that arches gracefully over my front yard, filled with stunning blooms that carpet the grass beneath and I cannot wait until it blooms once again, coordinating beautifully with my new front door.

The project itself was very simple and only required a 2L tin of quality outdoor paint (1/2 a tin remains for future touch-ups).  A good clean of the sun faded surface, some careful taping of the lead light glass panels, locks and hinges and the addition of some fav tunes, mingled with the happy laughter of my children and I was ready to begin.  A couple of hours of happy painting later and the job was complete.

A simple and enjoyable project that has seen a dramatic result.





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