Arbor Amour

We have been hard at work in and around our very own Shabby Shac this year.  Not only is our home a hive of activity with a busy family, darling vintage pooch (who just happens to be all white – honestly! – I didn’t paint him), new pieces constantly being sourced, renovated or designed and painstakingly handmade BUT we do occasionally find the time to do a little work work on our own home.

This year has seen a lot of small and large jobs tackled, both inside and out, and it is the addition of a couple of new garden arbors that I just adore and that I promised to share with you, my lovely friends.

The first one was borne of necessity.  The lattice that was in situ when we purchased 7 years ago, was leaning so precariously that traversing the garden path, from gate to back verandah, was almost an impossible task.  This was, of coarse, a little of my own making as I do love an edible garden.  To that end, I had planted a golden passionfruit vine that I hoped would climb the lattice and wind itself around the pretty white picket fence.  I did not foresee the issue that would be created by a very old supporting post and a very heavy vine.  As our passionfruit climbed and flowered with abandon the poor lattice, and supporting beam, could not contain its beauty and weight.

It was at this time that a lovely friend approached me with an offer.  She had purchased a pretty timber and wrought iron hanging rack for her kitchen, later realising that it was far too big for the intended space.  As such, she asked if I would be able to sell it on for her to recoup some of her cost.  I happily snapped it up myself, immediately falling in love with the design.  I had no idea where I was going to put it so into the garden shed it went for safe keeping.

Some time later, hubby and I were discussing the issue with our unruly garden path when we struck upon the idea to add an arbour over the space.  Ok, I came up with the idea, but after a bit of discussion (insert wheedling), he soon saw the light and a plan was hatched.  Our new arbour was installed by said clever, and extremely handy, hubby with the children and I on painting duty.

Our passionfruit vine is once again in flower and beginning to fruit.  This year however, the lattice and supporting beams are strong and we can safely traverse our path and enjoy the delicious passionfruit that grow in abundance.

Another lovely note to mention is that my much loved climbing rose is now winding itself around the strong new arbor, the lavender is spreading around the feet of the columns and I cannot wait to welcome our friends and family into our garden this year.

The second arbor is one that I have longed for since I first set eyes on our station house.  It welcomes me home after a long day and has been many years coming as we toiled endlessly, both inside and out, to make our Shabby Shac home.  The neglected gardens have seen the removal of piles of old grass clippings, the planting of fragrant gardenias and a thick hedge inside the picket fence.  The old, damaged front doors have been replaced, new coach lights installed and the slow process or replacing and painting the rotten, run down, falling down fences with strong new ones.  A small tree that was of unknown origin, has bloomed into a magnificent Jacaranda tree that is now festooned with fairy lights and Christmas balls when the festive season arrives.

The divine, architectural arches with their pretty scrolls were discovered not long ago during one of my treasure hunts.  They were cleaned, straightened and painted ready for our online store.  They were even listed for a short time before I realised they were the missing link to my much longed for front arbor.

As we were planning to replace the very last piece of old, broken fence in our front garden during Christmas break, it made sense to add the arbor to our list (wink, wink).  I am sure you will agree that the result is the perfectly fit for our Shabby Shac.

I hope we have inspired you to make use of those lovely pieces you accidentally stumble across.  Maybe they too have crossed your path for a reason?!